Innovating new models for youth development

We have to find new ways to work with youth, and involve them effectively with the community. The young not only need to challenge themselves, mentors and adults have to find new ways to excite the young through adventure, sports, service and skill development. Time and again the young have been the target of evil design and the ills that scourge the society. By innovating and communicating effective we are sure to help them lead themselves to a better tomorrow and live a great today.

Youth and Sports, an exhibition running at the British Council Queen's Gallery in New Delhi, has made me delve deep and further see a new horizon. The mind boggling photos and the rocking youngsters displayed at the photo show, reaffirms the power of expression and change the youth can bring about. Skating to new heights, running for life, better health with yoga, break dance, ski down slopes, jump from the sky ... the sky is indeed the limit!

We are working to help equip the youth for life, and need to not only re-invent our process and programmes, but to look at life from the eyes of the young. They must be pushed to lead us and support their quest for life. This will involve thinking fresh always, and finding new ways for engaging with young all across the spectrum of society.

Sandeep Dutt

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