Celebrating the spirit of youth!

The Award Programme Foundation (APF)  is committed to engage, equip, empower and reward the youth in India. The International Award for Young People (IAYP) first introduced in India in the year 1962 in select public schools, today spans the full expanse of India and has near 400 operating units. The Award Programme has grown with the phenomenal contribution of the four Zones in India, being a pure Volunteer fueled, this is indeed creditable and affirms the able leadership of many individuals and school principals who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. We are sure to celebrate the 50 years of the Award in India, with much enthusiasm and great participation.

The Patron of the Award Shri Mohammad Hamid Ansari, the Honourable Vice President of India is very keen for the programme to reach out to youth from all sections of the Indian society. 2010 will be go down as a memorable year for us, as there is a renewed focus on the youth, and we look forward to addressing the needs of the young from 14 to 25, with active participation from all the stakeholders for for youth development - the Government, Corporates, Social Sector, the Schools and the Colleges. Mrs. Naina Lal Kidwai, the Chairperson of APF and an International Trustee is very enthusiastic and has been instrumental in setting in place the stage for the fun and excitement! The National Award Office has been set up in New Delhi and the Trustees are all working to build the IAYP Programme, to further the object of making this a Programme of choice for all young people. Mr. Analjit Singh, Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mr. Ishaat Hussain, Mrs. Mala Ramadorai and Dr. Sanat Kaul, the Trutees are all doing their bit to help make the Programme available to all. 

The Trust has set up the national office in New Delhi and with support from friends and well wishers of IAYP India, have put in place a youthful team as well as the necessary infrastructure to further the aim to ‘equip for life’ half a million young people in India, between 2010 and 2013. With very good support from business and social sector, the Team is confident to further help grow the Award and make it all inclusive. The focus is not only to roll out the Programme to the private schools and colleges, but to welcome into the fold young people who are challenged for resources, through the Indian Special Projects initiative.
The Award must be available to all, with wide choice and with good quality delivery.

One very major initiative has been to set up six centres for training and development, known as YES Centres. The centres not only offer the Programme to the young people, but work to build resources to help wider participation from the community and and ensure quality delivery by innovating new ways to help preserve programme quality. The YES Centres are geographically well spread across India, and will prove a big asset to the Zones that operate from New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. These Centres will serve as pockets of excellence and help build the programme and extend the reach of the Award to the 18 - 25 ages as well as the Special Projects, like the Salam Balk Trust, Olcott Memorial School, Emanuel Ministries and many more in the years ahead.

Delhi University, HSBC India, Max India, WWF, RLSS and the British Council are lead partners of the Award, and are helping reach out to new areas and working to make the Award Programme a premier youth programme, for inclusive social growth, and Equip for life the young of India, as per the aims of the National Youth Policy. 

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